Goat portrait – Graceful wood carving picture

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SIZE: 40×28 cm, 16×11 inches
MATERIAL: Iroko wood and antique wax

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Goat portrait – Graceful wood carving picture.

SIZE: 40×28 cm, 16×11 inches
MATERIAL: Iroko wood and antique wax

Here, in our Hall of Animals, do not be lured into a false sense of security by the gentle buzz of hummingbird wings, as these tiny creatures drink in the sweet nectar of wildflowers. For here, too, is the roar of the grizzly, the howl of the wolf, and the screech of the raven. In this Hall, watch for a wild boar, with gleaming tusks, to emerge from the grass, and listen for the clash of antler upon antler, as the stags fight for dominance and for the doe. Wild pike fills the waters here; the hooves of horses thunder across these plains, and wild eagles still rule these skies. Here, it is nature that reigns and runs free. So step carefully here, but allow yourself, as well, to be captivated by the beauty, the strength, and the freedom of creatures that will never be tamed. Here, each carving has not only been crafted with the blessings of the gods, but also in the spirit of the animal, bird, or fish that it portrays.

Carvings require no special care – just dust off with a clean, dry cloth as needed. Avoid contact with water.


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